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Social Networking, Anyone?

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social-media-appsYes, everybody is already on Facebook, following plenty of people tweeting on Twitter, some people still hold on to MySpace, mainly because Justin Timberlake, as a part owner, is really trying to make it relevant again. Google is very much pushing the Google+ experience, even going too far by limiting YouTube comments to go only through this failed social networking place. LinkedIn is still popular, professionals of all branches can be found there, it is really surprising how many excellent contacts can be made there. Some other places did get popular, like Instagram, but were only bought by Facebook.

There are then former image sharing places Flickr, Tumblr and then there is Foursquare, another social networking app that was touted as the next Facebook, but did not amount to anything that big, really. Then someone thought of combining most of them into one app, where you can handle all of your accounts and follow whatever you follow everywhere, applications like Simply Social Networking PRO ( My Social Media Pro (, which did allow you to sign into most of your accounts, but the extensive amount of information simply was way too much for one app to handle properly and popularity of such applications simply never took off.

The last popular app to be released, in October 2013, really popular and much liked, which went into that particular niche, was the BlackBerry Messenger – BBM, by BlackBerry Limited. The proprietary messenger app by “that other” mobile phone manufacturer is not limited to the BlackBerry OS anymore, but can be installed on any other available platform as well. As a free downloadable application (, BBM managed almost 50 million downloads on the Android platform alone within two weeks from release.