Is paying for applications still an issue?

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app_developmentIf mobile apps like the BlackBerry Messenger, Facebook and Twitter are free, if Games like Plants vs. Zombies 2, Angry Birds and Where’s My Water 2 are being offered at no cost at all, why are there developers who want to ask good money for their apps, although their popularity is nowhere near the aforementioned group? Do people really want to pay for mobile apps nowadays, or are they rather inclined to install free versions, even with ads?

Frankly speaking, paying for apps is not something you easily do. You have to pay for most of the services, including mobile phone services and content streaming services, stuff you really want and are prepared to pay for. If you can have first class apps and games for free, why would you pay for an application or game if you can get entertained otherwise for free? There is apparently no reason to end up paying for any kind of software, if there is some other software doing the same for free.

Adding to this whole problem is the obvious availability of APK installations online, where you can download installations of otherwise paid software and games for free. Mind you, these downloads are mostly not legal, but on the other hand, much of the software and even games, not to speak about content are location locked and people in other countries cannot get them even if they would pay for them. So existence of such downloads is understandable, but that does not make it legal.  You can get more information on paying for apps on

In any case, in future, it is really not recommended that some software or game developer for mobile platforms expects to earn a lot of money by having clients pay for their app or game straight out. Much better results have been achieved by ad financed stuff, where ads are somewhat annoying, but not annoying enough to make you pay for the same program or game, just to have the ads removed. The version where you have to pay for content to improve the gameplay, like in some shooters, where you can purchase additional ammo and better guns, did not take off at all. So, it comes down to ad financed income for all game and app providers, which they should embrace, like the most popular providers have already established.


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