The Android Games You Will Not Want to Miss

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The best and the probably most popular game in the last few years was arguably Plants vs. Zombies by PopCap Games – recently purchased by EA Games. ( The tower defence game was initially released in 2010, with the Android version following almost a year later. Like the name states, zombies attack and plants are used to defend the house, which is supposed to be the player’s house. You, as the player, plant many kinds of different plants and fungi in order to prevent a really off-beat and quirky barrage of zombies, which includes a Michael Jackson lookalike, a Yeti Zombie, a Bobsleigh full of zombies and the ultimate Boss, Zomboss, who you need to defeat in order to finish the game. It is highly addictive, very much fun and the incredibly well-made score by Laura Shigihara allows you to enjoy not only the funny sounds but also the music as well.

Android-Games-logoJust recently, EA Games, or rather the PopCap Games subsidiary, released the follow up Plants vs. Zombies 2: It’s About Time, lampooning their own constant delaying of the long anticipated release. ( The new release has a very similar game play, is offered for free and is almost as much fun to play as the original. If you managed to finish the first one, you will most certainly get the second incarnation.

The other really immensely popular game, which developed into a franchise, is the Angry Birds series of games, made by Rovio Entertainment, a Finnish video game developer. Besides the original game, there have been seven special editions, with an eighth to follow shortly. A spin-off series with “Bad Piggies” has also raked in acclaim, additionally the franchise translated into books, animated series and regular merchandising such as cups, posters, action figures and much more. The original game entered the mobile realm in late 2009 and since then almost two billion downloads combined have been recorded.

Interestingly enough, Disney Mobile did not have any really notable releases up until the puzzle video game Where’s My Water featuring an original character, Swampy the alligator, surprisingly became an instant hit. As a Subsidiary of Disney Interactive Studios, the gaming arm of the Walt Disney Company, extensive impact was expected and none came for a good while. The change came with Swampy in 2011 and the popularity remained with follow up games, most particularly with the recently released Where’s My Water 2. (

The last of the seriously must have games is Minion Rush, a game based on the Despicable Me franchise derived from successful animated movies with the same name by Universal Pictures and Illumination Entertainment. The game itself, Despicable Me: Minion Rush, was developed by Gameloft, a French company that has already released over sixty successful games. Within just a few months the game was downloaded over 100 million times and in this game you act as one of the Minions trying to win the accolade of being the Minion of the year battling Vector as the main villain.



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