Mobile Apps for Your Android Device

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androidDid you know that there are over a million different mobile apps available for your Android device? If you think about it, you might have looked at a couple of hundred apps and games, but what about the majority of applications you have never heard of? What are these for? Where do you find these apps and are they any good? Generally, what you need is someone who will point out at least some of the buried treasures, but also you need someone who will tell you about the really popular apps as well, namely do you need them at all or should you rather pass.

I am Michael or Mick for short, your host and Android guru, at least on this site. I hope I can provide you with entertaining information from the world of your favourite robot and supply some nice apps that will make your life more fur and easier, if not much, then at least a tiny bit. I will try and provide you with links to the particular applications and games I am talking about, whereby some of the built-in or stock applications should need no introduction and will not get any, like for instance the Google Play Store, Aptoide, Amazon Android App Store, Samsung Apps store and whatever other store we run into.


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